Henderson Textiles Ltd stock a range of nylon fabric uk

  • BRN1000 Anticut Ballistic 310gms, Light Navy BRN1000 Anticut Ballistic 310gms, Bottle
    Ballistic resistant nylon waterproof fabric designed for multiple applications including garments that require abrasion and cut protection. Used primarily for workwear in the glass and refuse industry or for panels on garments where additional durability is required.
  • K1000 is a general purpose PU Coated waterproof Nylon from Henderson Textiles typically used for manufacturing bags. This fabric is a 1000DEN heavyweight construction and is available in a wide selection of colours.
    • Nylon (PU)
    • Double-sided Neoprene Coating (CR)
    • Good Chemical/acid/oil/grease Resistance
    • Waterproof
    • Weather Resistant
    • Fire Resistant
    • Flexible
    • Weight: 270 Gms/sq mt
  • GR60 60gms Ripstop Nylon, Red (02) GR60 60gms Ripstop Nylon, Amber (01)
    Lightweight ripstop nylon waterproof fabric for multiple applications.
  • N901 is a PU Coated Ripstop Waterproof Nylon available in one of Henderson's largest colour ranges. This fabric is lightweight at 70gms yet offers good tear strength and waterproof properties. Applications for this fabric have included stage sets, backdrops and inflatables.
  • N910 FR 132gms Flame Retardant PU, Yellow N910 FR 132gms Flame Retardant PU, Red
    N910 is a bestselling fabric from Henderson. Durable and highly water resistant, this PU Coated Nylon fabric is suitable for a variety of uses including nylon apparel, pinic blankets and car covers. Medium weight at 4oz/132gms and available in an extensive choice of colours.
  • N910 FR 132gms Flame Retardant PU, White N910 FR 132gms Flame Retardant PU, Royal
    Flame Retardant PU version of the popular N910 4oz PU Coated Waterproof Nylon fabric. Recommended for indoor use, this fabric is available in a choice of colours. Suitable for backdrop curtains and other applications where the FR properties are required.
  • P9171NEO is an extremely durable, heavyweight 390gms neoprene coated Waterproof nylon fabric offering enhanced properties including high abrasion resistance. Suitable for use in a variety of applications including Hovercroft Skirts, Industrial Aprons, Spray Deck and Adventure Clothing. Available in Black.
  • P9171 is a high performance, high density PU Coated Waterproof Nylon fabric available in a wide selection of colours and suitable for a variety of applications including equestrian and pet blankets and bags and covers. Features excellent abrasion resistance and waterproof properties.
  • N965 NEO is a 2oz lightweight, high abrasion, high performing Neoprene coated Waterproof polyester fabric. Single sided neoprene coating. Usually used in apparel where the a highly water resistant coating is required. Available in Navy.

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