Stock Holding

Huge Colour Ranges of Nylon & PU Fabrics from Stock

Henderson Textiles hold stocks of a very diverse range of colours in many of the fabrics in the range – some of the fabrics have upto 25 colours available.

Being able to supply our valued customers with single rolls from stock is at the core of our business and allows you to hold minimal inventory.

As a result, clients can often launch products in multiple colourways, without having to commit to ordering large quantities of fabric. This can be particulary important when a product is new, and you need to ‘test the water’ as to which colours of your product will be the most popular.

With our stock holding based in our own warehouse in Stockport, United Kingdom, we are able to distribute throughout the United Kingdom and into Europe. We also often send fabrics to our clients who have manufacturing facilities in the Middle East including Pakistan and India.

As with all fabrics, roll sizes can vary slightly, and we will fulfil your order request to as near as possible, although this can be +/- some metres.