Manufacturer of Ripstop Nylon and Coated Fabrics

Nylon fabrics have numerous end uses- some of those end uses include Performance Workwear, Industrial and Sports and Leisure.

At Henderson Textiles, we supply a wide range of nylon fabrics from Plain Dyed to Coated, Breathable, Flame Retardant, Hi Visibility and Waterproof.

The nylon fabrics that we supply are tested and approved to the specific European Standards, i.e. BSEN471, BSEN: 533, BSEN: 343, BSEN: 531etc. Relevant certificates are supplied with fabric purchased.

We stock an extensive range of nylons in many shades and different weights.

We offer our customers the additional facility to produce bespoke fabrics to their own specifications and exact performance requirements.

NYLON-Performance Workwear, Industrial, Sports and Leisure

Quality No Width Colour Description Typical Applications
N910 150cm 24 4oz PU Coated Foul Weather,Waterproof Clothing, Workwear
N910 BPU 150cm 9 4oz Nylon Breathable Coated High performance foul weather clothing, Workwear, Sportswear
N910 P/D 150cm 15 4oz Plain Dyed Non Coated Quilting, coatin, flags, banners,Sportwear, Tabards
N910FR 150cm 15 4oz PU Coated Work wear, Oil & Gas, Flame Retardant Industry, Chemical
N910CAMO 150cm Camouflage 4oz PU Coated Non Breathable Military, Extreme outdoor use
N906 150cm 16 2oz Plain Dyed Quilting, Lining, multi Coating apps
N965 150cm 8 2oz PU Coated Light weight clothing, Non Breathable Dust Covers, camping, Sportswear
N965BPU 150cm 4 2oz PU Coated Sportswear, Cyclist, Drop Breathable, Liners, High Performance
N9171 150cm 9 6oz PU Coated Horse rugs, Industrial Workwear, Hiking/Outdoor pursuits