Rip-Stop Nylon

Rip-stop Nylon is a light weight, water repellent nylon fabric with inter-woven ripstop reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern, so the material resists ripping or tearing.

Rip-stop is used in parachutes, hot air balloons, kites, light weight camping equipment, flags, banners, indoor and outdoor inflatable structures and many other applications which require a strong lightweight fabric. Rip-stop reinforcement can also be incorporated into heavier fabrics which require extreme durability such as those used in the manufacture of luggage.

Henderson Textiles offer an extensive range of Ripstops in a variety of shades from Plain Dyed, P U coated, flame retardant, breathable, high tear strength but we can offer a bespoke coating service to suit your requirements.

Ripstops Leisure and Sports Fabrics

Quality No Width Colour Description Typical Applications
N901 150cm 24 60g Nylon Ripstop PU Non Breathable Inflatable Structures, Banners
N901FR 150cm 20 60g Nylon PU Indoor Inflatable
Structure, Flame Retardant
Theatre Backdrops
Stage Costumes
NRS904 150cm 2 Ripstop Nylon PU Breathable High Performance
Drop Liner
GR60 155cm 15 60g Nylon Plain Dyed
Non Coated
Multi Coating Apps
K1000 150cm 10 1000 Denier Nylon
PU Coated High Tear Strength
Suitcases, Luggage, Bags Bodyarmour, Workwear
Various Safety Apps
K1000 150cm Camouflage 1000 Denier Nylon
PU Coated
NRS965 150cm 3 2oz Coated RipStop Clothing
NRS965 150cm Camouflage 2oz Coated RipStop Military