• P200BPU 230gms UV Resistant Polyester, Navy P200BPU 230gms UV Resistant Polyester, Bottle
    The P200 range of PU Coated fabrics from Henderson are available in a choice of finishes and a vast range of colours. The P200 BPU UV is a Breathable PU Coated Waterproof Polyester with a UV Resistant Finish to protect the wearer from harmful sun rays and is typically used for Workwear.
  • PX300 200gms Breathable Polyester, HV Orange PX300 200gms Breathable Polyester, Petrol
    PX300 is Henderson's flagship fabric for high performance outdoor clothing. Featuring a 2Ply laminated breathable polyester construction, this Waterproof fabric is designed for use in outdoor garments where comfort and protection from the elements is of utmost importance. Available in 15 colours including HV Red, HV Orange and HV Yellow.
  • P200 is a High Performance PU Coated Waterproof Breathable Polyester Fabric suitable for use in technical outdoor jackets and apparel. The fabric is 100% waterproof and boasts a Class 3 Breathable rating. Available in a wide choice of colours.
    • Polyester (PL) Synthetic Fiber
    • Fast Drainage and Drying
    • Perfect for Medical Slings and Hammocks
    • 4 Colours Available
    • Width: 150cms
  • NRS904 125gms Breathable Ripstop Nylon, White NRS904 125gms Breathable Ripstop Nylon, Black
    NRS904 from Henderson is a high performance breathable ripstop Waterproof nylon designed for use in body armour and other garment linings. Available in Black or White, this fabric features an attractive sheen and waterproof coating.
  • MP150 from Henderson Textiles is a Polyester breathable waterproof microfibre fabric suitable for use in apparel. Soft to handle, this fabric is suitable for a variety of applications including ladieswear and outerwear.
  • 100% Airtex Mesh Fabric in Black.

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